New England's wind: For centuries it's filled our sails, and shaken golden leaves from the trees. And now, we're capturing New England wind to power our homes and businesses cleanly, naturally and safely.

In New England, an overwhelming amount of our electricity (over 90%), comes from polluting fossil fuel and nuclear power resources, causing significant harm to both the environment and public health. Now you have the opportunity to change the way our electricity is made by supporting the production of energy from clean, safe, renewable energy resources with a purchase of New England Wind" certificates .

New England Wind" certificates represent the environmental attributes, or characteristics, of the energy produced from a new wind generating facility. Your purchase of New England Wind" offsets the production of energy from polluting sources like coal, oil and nuclear, while also creating a market demand for new wind resources.

In fact, for every 150 kWh of New England Wind" certificates purchased, you'll be avoiding the emission of 142 lbs. of CO2 (which causes global warming), 0.16 lbs. of NOx (which causes smog) and 0.54 lbs. of SOx (which causes acid rain) (based on 2001 NEPOOL marginal emissions rate analysis by ISO New England).

To purchase New England Wind", please visit the websites of the two organizations that offer New England Wind".

Massachusetts customers can visit the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance website by clicking here.

Rhode Island customers can visit the website of People's Power & Light by clicking here.

Customers from other states can choose either organization to buy New England Wind".

The Hull wind turbine, overlooking
Boston Harbor, is the current source of
New England Wind".
New England Wind" is certified
by the Center for Resource
Solutions Green-e program. For
more information about Green-e
and the certification process click